CSA members have a direct connection to their farmer. In our CSA, members receive a weekly farm update email with the a list of the week’s veggies, plus a recipe or two that uses the week’s items. In addition, feel free to ask us gardening questions, find out exactly how we deal with pests and diseases, or get cooking tips for harder to use ingredients. We love having a CSA because we get to know the people we are growing food for.

If that sounds good, then Yes, you do want a relationship with the people who grow your food!

If you don’t really mind who grows your food, or if you prefer the anonymity of the grocery store, answer No for this question.

That sounds like a leading question, but it’s an important one! Taste is what we’re all about, and we choose our vegetable varieties based on taste. If you have had bad experiences with flavorless ingredients from the grocery store, or you believe that delicious meals start with quality ingredients, then answer Yes to this question.

If taste isn’t high in your list of food values, maybe give this one a No.

We do our best to give a reasonable amount of each item and not overload you, and we lean towards items that are more popular. However, if you are new to a CSA we can almost guarantee that there will be a vegetable that you’ve never heard of before, and we hope that you would give it a try.

If that sounds doable, answer Yes.

 If you aren’t that adventurous, or you don’t think your family is willing to stray from dishes that they are comfortable with, a CSA might not be for you.

As a CSA member you will have a bag full of fresh vegetables every single or every other week. For some people that’s exciting and invigorating, but for others it’s quite intimidating. Assuming most families cook at home at least 3 nights per week, and are able to finish their veggies by the following week. We give plenty of salad making supplies and foods that can be taken to work or school as snacks, so not every ingredient needs to be prepped and cooked. 

If you feel like you have time or would like to make time to cook at least 3 nights per week, answer Yes.

If that doesn’t sound doable, answer No.

People who enjoy their CSA experience expect to pay retail prices and sleep better because it’s going directly to the farmer and not some middleman. We will communicate when we have a bumper crop so if you like pickling and canning we can make arrangements. In general, our CSA shares are priced at about 10-15% less than we would charge at the farmers market.

If you don’t mind paying retail prices for awesome vegetables and can finagle this cost into your grocery budget then we could be a good fit. 

It often takes CSA members a few weeks or months to get into the CSA groove. It can be an adjustment to let us make your produce buying decisions for you, to loosen your meal plan to fit the week’s items, or eat more seasonally. It is also a time and financial commitment. In our experience most new CSA members are hesitant at first, but after a month or so are having a blast, cooking new meals for friends and family and meeting other CSA members at their weekly pick up. We also notice that the most successful new CSA members had a good idea of what they were committing to.

So here it is…if you are ready for the commitment then answer Yes and take a look at our CSA shares.

If it just doesn’t sound right for you, that’s ok! You can still support local farms at your local co-op or farmers market.

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