The Land

A team of professional growers leasing 10 acres of alluvial soil off Highway 66 along the Rough and Ready Ditch in Longmont, CO.

Summer peas

Our Practices

Months before planting vegetables we seed cover crops, graze animals and add compost to fertilize our fields.  Pests, disease, and weeds are controlled without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Instead, we limit our production based on our acreage, prioritizing crop rotation and timely animal impact through our partnership with Sky Pilot Farm. 

Our prices reflect the cost of efficient local food production that is ecologically and socially sustainable. Buy from us to directly invest in local hard-working farmers. Plus, your purchase is an investment in your health!

Cover Crop
We custom blend our cover crop seed to grow the best forage for our animals and build soil fertility.
Soil Shade
Sudan grass mixture over 4 feet tall, dwarfing our livestock.  We keep our soil covered as much as possible.
Maintaining habitat for pollinators by including attractive flowers in our cover crops.