David Thomas

Hi, I’m David Thomas and I’m passionate about growing flavorful food for you and your family. I’ve worked on several front range farms since moving here in 2014.  I’m excited to channel what I’ve experienced to create a new business with my partner Laura.

Together we’ve created Rough and Ready Farm here in Longmont.  When I’m not farming you may find me up in the mountains skiing or enjoying a local beverage around town.

Originally from Minnesota I grew up gardening and picking berries with my family and grandparents.  In 2005, after high school I moved to Northland College on the south shore of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. 
I got a job that next summer working on solar hot air and green building.  There I had my first experience with CSA, biodynamic agriculture, and permaculture.  From there I jumped into the rabbit hole and have been devouring all info related to sustainable ag since.
In 2008 I traveled to Central America during my winter semester and studied Sustainability through community immersing myself in different projects in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. There I came to realize that the projects that succeeded all had the investment and involvement of the local community.
After this trip I focused my major on Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable community development using agriculture as the catalyst for change.
I studied the community supported agriculture movement and its history and wrote a business plan.  I finished my time in college by taking my Permaculture Design Certificate and began considering next steps.
After college I became involved in a not for profit Happy Dancing Turtle in north central Minnesota working with different stakeholders on issues in local food and water security.  I eventually left this job and moved to Camphill Village Minnesota.
This is an intentional community living and working with people with developmental disabilities on a working biodynamic farm.  I lived there for two years helping to care for the people and the land.  This is where I had my first hands on experience with biodynamics, cattle, and tractors.
From there my journey took me to the driftless region of Wisconsin to King’s Hill Farm.  An area missed by the last glaciation event.  I spent one season as their farm manager selling mainly csa shares into the Madison and Chicago area.
I left that farm and came to Colorado on a skiing trip and never left.  I worked at Aspen Moon Farm from 2014 through 2018 as their field manager.
After that I worked with Sky Pilot Farm on their grazing and marketing.  Laura and I found our lease in 2020 and started planting cover crops and grazing sky pilot animals on our land preparing it for future vegetables.
We planted our garlic in November and can’t wait to get back to growing this spring!